Kamarkas / Salvia Plebeian / Bengal Kino / Palasha / Flame of the Forest

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Kamarkas / Salvia Plebeian / Bengal Kino / Palasha / Flame of the Forest
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females usually feel back tiredness and backache during menstruation, pregnancy and after delivery, it acts as tonic to pelvic and back muscles. It is very useful for delicate females. The female body is more delicate as compared to the male body in all aspects, (Muscles, Bones and skin). It is used by almost all females in India to recover from weakness, supple and delicate muscles and loose skin, and to reshape the body after delivery.


Gum contains Kino tannic and gallic acids, 50% soluble mucilage and ash to person. Gum is mild astringent useful in Phthisis and Hemorrhage from the stomach and bladder as Anthelmintic. This is found in small, brittle glistening pieces, reddish-black in color. They are odorless with a very astringent taste and stick to the teeth when chewed and make the saliva bright red. Kino is almost entirely soluble in alcohol and entirely in ether and partly in water. Medicinal Action and Uses: Astringent. Used whenever tannin is indicated. Internally in diarrhea, dysentery, and Pyrosis. Externally as a gargle and as an injection for leucorrhoea.