Kaner Root Herb, Nerium Indicum, Indian Oleander

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Kaner Root Herb, Nerium Indicum, Indian Oleander
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English name - Indian oleander
Hindi name - kaner
Sanskrit name - karvir
Gujarati name - kaner


Nerium has various medicinal uses and the leaves and flowers are thought to have actions as tonic, cardio tonic, diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic and expectorant. Leaves and flowers are also used to treat malaria and as traditional medicine it induces the termination of embryo. The tincture or decoction is been used externally to reduce swelling and scabies. The root powder is an external remedy for hemorrhoids and ulcers around genitals. Leaves and bark is treated as insecticide, rat poison and parasitic. The plant of Indian oleander is thought to possess anti-cancerous activities.