Sarpagandha, Chandrabagha, Chota chand, Rauwolfia serpentina, Indian Snake Root, Serpentine Wood

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Sarpagandha, Chandrabagha, Chota chand, Rauwolfia serpentina, Indian Snake Root, Serpentine Wood
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Botanical Name: auwolfia Serpentina
Botanical Synonym: Rauvolfia Serpentina
English Name: Indian Snake Wood, Serpentine Wood
Hindi Name: Sarpagandha, Chandrabagha, Chota chand
Sanskrit Name: Sarpagandha, Chandarmar
Ayurvedic Name: Sarpagandha
Bengali: Chandra
Kannada: Sutranavi, Patalagondhi, Shivavabhiballi, Sarpagandhi
Malayalam: Suvapavalforiyan, Chuvanna-vilpori
Tamil: Chivan amelpodi
Indonesia: pule pandak
Telugu: Paataala goni, Paataala garuda
Urdu: Asrel
Oriya: Sanochada, Patalgarur


As traditional medicine, the phenolic extracts, tannins, of sarpagandha is well known for a series of its therapeutic properties ranges from – used against inflammation; curing infectionscaused by fungi and microbes; worm infestations, colic painin lower abdomen, diabetes etc. - Due to its diuretic properties, the snake-root is very effective in reducing volume of urine to maintain body-fluid; -The root decoction of Sarpagandha root stops binding acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) to the receptors of parasympathetic nerve which disrupts the free flowing of nerve impulse and this induced mechanism has been noticed effective to treat mental depression and insomnia. - In the sector of mental healthcare, therapeutically, snake-root has been used to treat epilepsy, hypertension, hysteria, melancholia, mycosis, mild anxiety, psychosis etc. for thousand years. - Timely consumption of its root decoction helps the girls with abnormal menstrual cycle to contract uterus to regularize the periodic cycle in their pubertal phase. At the same time excessive content of “saponins” and sodium in sarpagandha stops excessive bleeding by coagulating red blood cells. -Regular intake of root extraction of sarpagandha, particularly its alkaloid “yohimbine”, helps young adult male to lead a cheerful sexual life by preventing premature ejaculation of semen; increasing blood flow through penis and prolonged intercourse at the time of intimate physical relationship. The experiments on therapeutic use of “yohimbine” and zinc supplements in snake-root to cure human diabetes is in advance phase. - The leaf juice of Snakeroot has helped to cure corneal opacity (resulting temporary obstruction of vision) to reinstate its clear state, which helps to get back the normal vision. So a bridge is necessary to introduce traditional formulation of Rauvolfia sp. to the neo- pharmaceutical R& Ds to break the layer of mysticism to reinvent user-friendly, safe, plant-resource based drugs contributed positively in the domain of mental healthcare.