Gond Katira / Tragacanth gum / गू॑द कतीरा / Qujah

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Gond Katira / Tragacanth gum / गू॑द कतीरा / Qujah
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Gond katira (Tragacanth Gum) helps in cooling down body temperature. Its also very tasty . Gond katira is mostly used in casters drinks (sherbets), processed cheese, cottage cheese, salads, food dressings and different pudding. It is very tasty and has cooling properties.


Tragacanth gum comes from a thorny shrub which is native to western Asia, Iraq, Iran and the Middle East. It is a tree gum like myrrh, frankincense and balm of Gilead, and can be used, along with the stems of the plant as incense. It comes from a number of Astragalus species, but the one which produces the best quality gum is Astragalus gummifer or gummifera.