Neem Powder, Azadirachta Indica powder

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Neem Powder, Azadirachta Indica powder
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Other Uncommon Names of This Herb: Crackjack, Paradise Tree, White Cedar, Chinaberry, Indian Lilac, Nim, Nimm, Nimgachh, Bevu, Vembu, Vepa, Arya Veppu, Azad Dirakht, Arishta, Picumarda, Limdo, Kadu-Limba, Dongoyaro, Tamar, Paraiso, Muarubaini, Kadunimb, Nimu, Nimo, Bevinmar, Kahibevu, Kaippan, Margosa, Tamabin, Kamakha, Nimuri, Arishta, Nimba, Minbaka.


Neem Powder is best used as blood purifier because it helps in detoxifying the body by expelling out the toxins. It helps to reduce itching, irritation and roughness of skin. It also helps to maintain healthy heart by maintaining the healthy cholesterol level which is already within the normal limits. It has powerful cleansing and purifying properties.