Brahmi powder

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Brahmi powder
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Other Uncommon Names of This Herb: Andri, Bacopa, Bacopa Monniera, Bacopa Monnieri, Herb of Grace, Herpestis Herb, Herpestis Monniera, Hysope d'Eau, Indian Pennywort, Jalanimba, Jal-Brahmi, Jalnaveri, Nira-Brahmi, Moniera Cuneifolia, Sambrani Chettu, Thyme-Leave Gratiola, Water Hyssop, Babies Tear, Nirbrahmi, Mandook Parni, Jalanimba.


Brahmi is a natural creeper found growing in marshy lands. Its name is also associated with Saraswati the Godess of wisdom because it is one of best nervine tonic for rejuvenating the mind. Brahmi is traditionally used in India as a natural memory enhancing herb. Brahmi helps to enhance the coordination thus helps in improving short term as well as long term memory. By using Brahmi regularly it improves confidence, intelligence and also brings about mental clarity in the individual. Brahmi enhances the memory naturally without any side effects. Brahmi is used as Ayurveda rejuvenator to assist in mental activity.