Flex Seeds / Alsi /Linseeds / अलसी / (Non Roasted)

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Flex Seeds / Alsi /Linseeds / अलसी / (Non Roasted)
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Common Names:
Flax, Common flax, Flaxseed, Linseed
• Hindi: अलसी Alsi
• Tamil: அலி Ali
• Telugu: మదనగిన్జా Madanginja, Ullusulu
• Bengali: অতসী Atasi
• Sanskrit: अतसी Atasi


Flax is used internally in habitual constipation, functional disorders of the colon resulting from the misuse of laxatives and irritable colon, as a demulcent preparation in gastritis and enteritis. Externally, the powdered seeds or the press-cake are used as an emollient, in poultices for boils, carbuncles and other skin afflictions. Used in Soothing Body Lotion for dry skin.