Badi Saunf / Fennel Seeds / Sanchal / variyali / ಸೋಂಪು

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Badi Saunf / Fennel Seeds / Sanchal / variyali / ಸೋಂಪು
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A dried seed that comes from the fennel herb, fennel seeds look like cumin seeds, only greener, and have an aniseed flavour and a warm, sweet aroma. They're also used in spice mixes such as Chinese five spice and the Indian panch poran. Fennel seeds come from the green fennel plant and have a pungent, spicy, aniselike flavor. Many recipes, including recipes for Chinese and Indian dishes, call for ground fennel seed as a spice. You can purchase fennel seeds that have already been ground or grind your own fennel seeds at home to save money and make just as much ground fennel as you need.