100% Pure Kewra Water, Kewda Jal,Panadanas Water

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100% Pure Kewra Water, Kewda Jal,Panadanas Water
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Kewra is said to have antioxidant properties and helps fight cancer.
· Its floral fragrance gives a calming effect, thus helps in mental relaxation.


Kewra water is extract distilled from the pandanus flower, used to flavor drinks and desserts in indian cuisine. Kewra water is one of the most popular perfumes extracted and used in india since ancient times. It is used for scenting clothes, cosmetics, soaps, hair oils, tobacco and agarbati. “kewra water is used for flavoring various foods, sweets syrups and soft drinks. The use of kewra water is very common on festival occasion, weddings and other social functions in north india. The kewra water is considered as stimulant and antispasmodic and is useful in rheumatoid arthritis. Kewra water is an aromatic water made from the distilled flowers of the tropical kewra plant (pandanusodoratissimus). Kewra flowers have a sweet, perfumed, fruity flavor similar to that of rose flowers. Kewra water is used in indian and asian cooking to flavor meats, desserts and drinks.