Dried Large Himalayan Morel Mushrooms, Gucchi

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Dried Large Himalayan Morel Mushrooms, Gucchi
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morels are edible and are considered a prized delicacy. They require very specific growing conditions that are not easily duplicated. Thus finding them has grown into a sport and a culture. - See more at: http://www.mushroom-appreciation.com/morel-mushrooms.html#sthash.WBzVfXkS.dpuf


The strong, earthy, almost nutty flavor of the morel mushroom makes it a favorite choice of cooks and consumers. A short harvesting season for wild morels -- several months in the spring -- and difficulty growing them commercially means that these mushrooms may be hard to find. They’re worth searching for because they’re a good source of minerals and vitamin D, but never hunt and eat wild mushrooms unless they're properly identified.