Cubeb (Piper cubeba) / Tailed Pepper / Shital Chini / Kabab Chini

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Cubeb (Piper cubeba) / Tailed Pepper / Shital Chini / Kabab Chini
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Common Names:
Tailed Pepper
java pepper
Hindi: कबाब चीनी Kabab-chini, kabachini, शीतल चीनी Sheetal-chini
Kannada: Balmenasu, Gandha menasu
Malayalam: Val-milaku
Marathi: Mothi, Pimpli
Oriya: Sugandhamaricha
Sanskrit: Renuka, cinatiksna, Chinorana, Kakkola
Tamil: valmilaku, kanakamilaku, takkolam
Telugu: halava-miriyalu, toka-miriyalu
Urdu: Kabab-chini, Shital-chini


Cubeb is mostly grown in Java and Sumatra, hence sometimes called Java pepper. Dried cubeb berries are similar in appearance to black pepper, but with stalks attached - the "tails" in "tailed pepper". Because of its aromatic qualities, cubeb goes well with meat, cheese and vegetable dishes. It may be substituted for pepper in spice mixtures flavouring patés, sausages, gingerbreads and spiced biscuits. In taste it has been described as tasting like allspice (pimento), or like a cross between allspice and black pepper. As with other pepper, grind as necessary; ground pepper rapidly loses its aroma. Cubeb has been shown to be effective in easing the symptoms of chronic bronchitis. It is also used for digestive ailments and is effective in treating dysentery. Cubeb also has a local stimulating effect on the mucous membranes of the urinary and respiratory tracts.